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Tyres, Wheels and Alignments in Gladesville

Are you looking for mechanical servicing in Gladesville? Tyrepower Gladesville is here to help!

More than just a simple tyre store, Tyrepower Gladesville is able to assist you with your steering, brake, suspension and mechanical needs.

Whether you have a shaking steering wheel, a check engine light is on, or you have a new, unusual sound coming from your car. The expert team at Tyrepower Gladesville can help you.

Steering repairs

Modern power steering is a great thing when it works. Lighter steering means your vehicle is easier to maneuver in tight areas, and less fatiguing to drive.

Your steering system is made up of a fluid pump, a steering rack and tie rods that connect the sideways movement of the steering rack to the wheel hubs.

If you have a sudden change in steering feel, a shaking steering wheel or unusual sounds when turning your wheel back and forward, please see Tyrepower Gladesville today for an expert vehicle inspection and safety check.

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Brake repairs

Brakes are the number one safety feature on your vehicle, and it is absolutely essential that they are in correct working condition at all times.

Your vehicle's braking system is made up of many components that work together to slow your vehicle down, and while modern brake systems are reliable, there are several serviceable components that must be monitored and assessed when your car is serviced, or if you notice any symptoms with your brakes.

Brake pads are a wear item, being constantly eroded and worn away with regular braking use. How long you will get from your brake pads depends highly on your driving style, whether your vehicle is a manual or an automatic, and whether you tend to tow frequently.

The brake pads press up against a brake rotor or drum, which is also a wear item. Depending on how performance orientated your brakes are will dictate how frequently you will need to have your brakes inspected.

If you’re experiencing a shuddering brake pedal, a steering wheel that vibrates when braking or a squealing sound from your vehicle, contact the expert team at Tyrepower Gladesville today for an inspection.

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Logbook servicing

Logbook servicing is the process of following your vehicle's recommended servicing schedule for the duration of the standard warranty.

In Australia, you are allowed to choose your own authorised mechanical repair center to carry out the work on your vehicle. In order to maintain your new vehicle's factory warranty, it is imperative that you choose a repairer that uses high quality, genuine parts such as Tyrepower Gladesville.

We can service your car using quality OEM parts and have access to all the latest vehicle log books and servicing schedules right from the manufacturer, to ensure the job is done right, every time.

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Safety inspections

Tyrepower Gladesville is an Authorised Inspection Scheme Station that is permitted by the Roads and Maritime Service in NSW to perform vehicle safety inspections, pre-purchase inspections and eSafety checks, otherwise known as pink slips.

A pink slip inspection essentially proves your vehicle is of roadworthy condition and is safe to be re-registered. The basic checks involved are a brake test, all lights, wipers, mirrors and windows are in good working order, as well as checking for fluid leaks and worn components.

Ask Tyrepower Gladesville today about our general safety inspection too. This is where we will look at your vehicle's tyres, battery, wiper blades, service interval and an alignment checkup.

We offer a comprehensive 40 point pre-purchase inspection. This is aimed to help buyers or sellers of private vehicles understand the condition of the vehicle and allow them to purchase, or sell, a vehicle with greater confidence.

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Mechanical repairs

We don’t just offer inspections, logbook servicing on newer vehicles and simple repairs. We have a workshop fully equipped to handle a huge variety of mechanical servicing and repairs. Come see us for jobs ranging from head gaskets to radiator replacements, wheel bearings to clutches at Tyrepower Gladesville.

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Contact us today

Tyrepower Gladesville is a locally owned tyre and mechanical store. Our helpful, friendly and professional staff know the local conditions around Gladesville. On top of our full suite of mechanical services, we can advise on and recommend a set of tyres to suit your budget and the weather and roads that we experience around here.

If you’re looking for wheels, tyres, inspections or mechanical servicing but can’t stretch the budget, Tyrepower Gladesville offers Zippay on all tyre purchases, services and wheels. Buy now, pay later with interest-free terms. Contact us today to find out more about alternative payment options!

If you’re located in Gladesville, Hunters Hill, Ryde, Macquarie Park, Epping, Marsfield and Eastwood, drop by our store at 140 Pittwater Road, Gladesville or give us a call on (02) 9879 4455 to chat through what we can do for you today!

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